Technical innovations in VIMP 5.7

Im Folgenden beschreiben wir, welche technischen Neuerungen in VIMP 5.7 möglicherweise Ihre Aufmerksamkeit erfordern. Die komplette Liste aller Änderungen finden Sie wie immer in unserem Changelog

System requirements

Please note the system requirements. Basically, there have been no changes to the requirements for version 5.6.

SourceGuardian Loader

The SourceGuardian Loader must be installed at least in version 14.0 to install VIMP 5.7.

Important: Since VIMP 5.6 all versions, including VIMP Ultimate, require the SourceGuardian Loader. Therefore, please be sure to install them on your server before updating a VIMP Ultimate version. Installation instructions for different Linux distributions can be found in our FAQ.

Javascript Embed

VIMP Javascript Embed

By default, videos in VIMP are always embedded as iframes on other websites.

With the Javascript embed code, we now offer an alternative option for embedding VIMP videos on other websites.

The advantage of the Javascript embed lies in the seamless integration of the player into the embedding website. In contrast to the iframe embed, the player is located directly in the DOM of the website and can therefore be styled more individually - just like any other element of the website.

On the other hand, cookie-free embedding is possible with the Javascript embed. This means that your access authorizations will continue to apply even after the upcoming deactivation of third-party cookie support by browser manufacturers.

Further information on Javascript embedding is available in our FAQ.

Webcam Stream Recording

We have completely revised webcam recording with this version. The main new feature is that the stream is now transmitted directly to the server during recording, which means that very long recordings are now possible (previously, the maximum recording length depended on the main memory of the client computer).

The new component can be found in the configuration under the setting item "Webcam Stream Recording". It is activated by default and requires the following role authorization:

upload webcam streaming

The previous webcam component will remain in VIMP for a limited time, but is now disabled by default ("Webcam recording" setting item) and will be completely removed in one of the future VIMP versions.

Recursive deletion of categories

Recursive deletion of categories

Categories can now be deleted recursively, including their subcategories. A second option is available for this in the options menu of the corresponding category.

HEIC/HEIF support

Depending on the installed ImageMagick version, VIMP now also supports the HEIC/HEIF image format.

To activate this, simply add the file extensions heic and heif to the supported upload formats for images in the configuration.

Client-specific menu items

Both in the main navigation and in the footer menu items, you now have the option of creating menu items exclusively for a specific client.

The restriction option can be found directly in the editing form of the corresponding menu item in the menu editor.

Extended housekeeping functions

The housekeeping functions (Configuration -> Basic -> Data cleansing) have been extended to include a three-stage email reminder. You can also exclude certain users or media from housekeeping and specify whether users and media should be permanently removed from the system or only set to "deleted" status.

You should set up the cron jobs described here to run housekeeping regularly.

Store SAML certificates via the configuration

Previously, it was necessary to store the SAML certificates of the VIMP SP directly in the file system. This is no longer necessary. You can now upload the certificates directly via the configuration of the main SAML IdP in VIMP.